Healthy Wealthy & Smart (2013)

Now is your chance to learn from over 20 physical therapy business, nutrition and mindfulness experts to take your physical therapy career to the next level.



We have assembled an incredible panel of experts and thought leaders to address all of the questions above. Healthy Wealthy & Smart 2013 was created to give you access to some of the most prestigious experts in the field, all while learning at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. More importantly, the information you get here can immediately be applied to your clinical practice, business, and life.

From November 4-8, 2013 you will learn from over 20 hand picked experts.
Some of the important topics that will be covered during these five days are:

  • Learn new evaluative and treatment skills from some of the most innovative physical therapists in the business
  • Gain a greater understanding of the neurophysiology behind pain
  • Have the ability to explain pain to your patients (after all, this is the reason why the majority of your patients are seeking your help)
  • Learn how to be more mindful in the workplace
  • Acquire important tips on how to take care of yourself, while you are taking care of others
  • Avoid professional burn out
  • Learn why an evidenced-based practice is essential to your success
  • Achieve a working knowledge on how to manage employees and run a happy clinic
  • Begin to understand how to start and maintain a successful cash based PT business
  • Learn how and why simplification can improve your business and bottom line

Dr. Joseph Brence

The M.I.P. Algorithm: A Clinically Applicable Model to Motor Control


Dr. Francois Prizinski

The M.I.P. Algorithm: A Clinically Applicable Model to Motor Control


Marianne Ryan

Postpartum Women – The Importance of the 3 Stages of Physical Therapy Treatment after Childbirth


Dr. Michale M. Reinold

What Is Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage (IASTM) and Is It Right for Me?


Erica Meloe

How to Grow Your Practice by Adding Massive Value for Your Clients & Create a Raving Fan Base


Hillary Irwin

The Power of Proper Nutrition


Sonja Keller

Mindfulness in the Workplace


Lori Fields

The Value of Taking Care of Yourself While Caring For Others


Dr. Adriaan Louw

Therapeutic Neuroscience Education


Dr. Emilio “Louie” Puentedura

Physical Therapists Leading Research Efforts to Validate Spinal Manipulation


Barrett Dorko

Complex Understanding, Simple Method


Diane Jacobs

When Pain is Primary Problem, Treating Pain Should Be Primary Focus


Dr. Jason Silvernail

Step by Step Guide for Interview, Evaluation & Treatment of a Patient with Cervical Pain


Sandy Hilton

The Influence of the Brain in Persistent Pelvic Pain


Dr. David Butler

Graded Motor Imagery


Jerry Durham

Converting Conversations Into New Patients


Alan Siegel

Critical Ingredients in Building Your Brand Identity


Dr. Laurence N. Benz

Left out and Forgotten: What PT’s are Missing in Patient Care


Dr. Jarod Carter

Success in the Cash-Based Practice Model


Kelly Lynn Adams

7 Secrets to Go From Passion to Profit in Your Business

Now is your chance to learn from over 20 physical therapy business, nutrition and mindfulness experts to take your physical therapy career to the next level.


Website_HeadshotI started my physical therapy career in an inpatient hospital in Scranton, Pa. Moving to New York a few years later, I had the opportunity to work for the New York public school system, Broadway musicals and orthopedic outpatient clinics. While the work was rewarding, I always felt like I could do more to serve my clients.

As I was searching for ways to provide a more comprehensive approach to practicing physical therapy, I became overwhelmed with requests from clients to be seen in their home or office. This was an opportunity to provide not just convenience, but a different kind of practice. By adopting a “concierge” model, I could dedicate a full hour of one-on-one treatment to each and every client. Now, I had ample time to evaluate, treat and re-evaluate. The concierge model allowed me the time to provide vital client education. My clients would now benefit from a comprehensive home education program.

I graduated from Misericordia University with my masters degree in Physical Therapy. Now I’m thrilled to be embarking on my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from my alma mater beginning this summer.

I am also the host of a weekly radio show, Healthy Wealthy & Smart. The aim of the show is to provide the latest and best information on health and wellness from leading experts. I want my listeners to live a healthy and pain free life. The show promotes the profession and provides a channel to get the most accurate information out there for both practicing physical therapists and everyday people.